My 3 Strands Engagement Dedication Card

By Dave Pipitone

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We created the My 3 Strands for Engagement dedication card as a remembrance especially for you. The purpose of the card is to help you remember that God is present in your engagement as the third partner.

Let’s review this card and how to use it. First, here is the poem on the My 3 Strands card:

An engaged couple with God's hands
Knit a friendship of 3 Strands.
Three cords of love, faith and hope
Weave a stronger bond than rope.
One greater love, a braid of three
Formed by God, my fiancé and me.
May my 3 strands grow in every way
As we approach our wedding day.

Use the My 3 Strands card to remind yourself of the gifts of love, faith, and hope. Sign your name on the back of the card. Men, sign your name on the back of the Fiance card.

Women, write your name on the back of the Fiancee card. Then, exchange cards.

For example, Jane would write her name on the back of her card and give it to Tom.

Tom signs the back of his card and gives it to Jane.

This is a dedication card – use it to express your commitment to each other. Carry the card with you. Say and pray the poem when you are by yourself and when you are together. Pray it often and give thanks for each other. Engage with God!

Have faith in God and faith in each other; hope in God and hope in each other; love God and love each other.

Take every opportunity to participate in a marriage enrichment program. Date each other often. Go to church and worship God together.

Let God work during your engagement and in you to build a loving and lasting friendship that will begin on a new and deeper level on your wedding day.

Again, congratulations on your engagement. Make the most of the lifelong journey you are sharing together. You can be best friends for life.

Remember, God believes in you, God involves you in the hope for a better future, God loves you. May God bless you richly with a happy engagement and lasting marriage.

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