Three Strands of Faith, Love and Hope

By Dave Pipitone

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Have you ever broken a piece of thread? It’s easy to do, isn’t it? A thread has very thin strands of fiber that are fragile and easy to break.

Now, take a bunch of thicker, stronger threads, weave them into cords and make a rope out of them. That is much, much harder to break. The same thing is true of your relationship.

If you are “hanging on by a thread,” your relationship will be weak. When challenges come, as they do in everyone’s life, your relationship may break down. However, if you build a relationship woven around God, you will have a strong, unbreakable bond.

Let me explain. When we were baptized, we became connected to God and everyone in God's family in a spiritual way. Like a physical umbilical cord, our connection to God has three strands of life – the virtues of love, faith and hope – the life line of our relationship. When these three virtues are braided together through daily life, your connection to God and each other is strong and hard to break.

The three strands of love, faith and hope are a “strong as rope” lifeline that helps you grow closer to God and to each other during your engagement and after you are married. Let's review these three gifts and how you can use them to stay connected during your engagement.

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