The Gift of Faith in Engagement

By Dave Pipitone

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Faith is the first strand, the first spiritual gift. Faith is gift that helps us believe in what cannot be seen.

For example, we have faith when we plant a tulip bulb in a patch of dirt. We dig a hole, add the bulb, water and fertilizer. Then, we cover up the hole. We don't see all of the complex ways that the bulb absorbs energy and nutrients to grow into a plant and a flower.

When you have faith in your fiancÚ, you believe that he or she will be her or his best self and grow together with you. When you have faith in God as the third strand in your relationship, you believe in an all loving Parent who will guide, inspire, and help you.

You express faith by the way you communicate with your fiancÚ. Being in an engaged relationship means sharing your personal feelings and thoughts with your fiancÚ in person or in writing. The same is true of prayer.

An engaged man and engaged woman are individuals and have personal relationships with Jesus Christ. Make it one of your goals as an engaged couple's goals to pray together.

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