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My 3 Strands for Engaged Couples

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Congratulations to Engaged Couples! This is a marvelous time for engaged couples to start on their journey of becoming lifelong friends. Engagement is a process when a fiance and fiancee discover each other on a deeper level and prepare to share a lifetime together in marriage as husband and wife. Marriage is a great gift and a lasting marriage requires a strong commitment and dedication to each other as partners for life.

There are many challenges to a lasting engagement and marriage. In the United States, 40 to 50% of first marriages end up in separation and divorce. The cost is very high to both the couple, their families and society. Staying together and staying happy is a major goal of every engagement period and every marriage.

The My 3 Strands for Engagement cards can help an engaged man and an engaged woman to remember that they share a connection with each other and with God.

We encourage you to read the articles and watch the short videos on engagement on the following pages. You owe it to yourselves, your families, friends and others to invest in the My 3 Strands Engagement/Newlywed Video and Card set package.

Remembering that you are not alone, that you are connected to each other and God, can help build a strong, happy, and loving friendship that lasts your entire life.

We wish every engaged couple all the best they prepare for their wedding day.

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