Bereavement Poem to Dispel Grief

By Dave Pipitone

When a loved one dies, grief and mourning can make you feel like you are sailing in dangerous waters and sinking in a sea of quicksand. Using a bereavement poem to dispel grief can help raise your spirits. Then, you rise above the waves of distress and gain solid emotional and spiritual ground.

Grief and loss are twin challenges after a loved one dies. That might be a family member, like a child or spouse. Or a close friend or neighbor, someone at church or even a personal role model. For example, when a famous actor like Paul Newman died, many people who loved his movies, his good will, his food products were shocked and sad. Death hits harder when the people are closest to us. Why do sympathy poems help after the death of a loved one?

Bereavement poems are a form of sympathy prayers that remember your loved one's life, with the hope of eternal life that follows. An effective bereavement poem contains several words of condolence and sympathy sayings, and even sympathy prayers.

The key words of a grief or sympathy poem are expressions of hope. Hope is a virtue that looks forward to something better in life, even life after death. In many religions, hope is a gift that points toward eternity - a lasting union and friendship with a Supreme Being. For example, in the Christian religion, disciples of Jesus Christ believe in the resurrection and new life with God that follows death.

The symbol of hope in the Christian religion is an anchor, that holds a boat steady during a storm. The rope that holds the anchor to the boat is made up of faith and love. That rope is a life line to hang on to, when the storms of life come blowing through. Death comes to everyone. A bereavement poem that contains a prayer of hope and words of consolation brings peace to your mind and calm to your heart.

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