Common Funeral Questions and Answers, Part One

By Dave Pipitone

Humanity knows the joy of bring forth life yet with the sweets come the bitter. All life must reach an end. Hopefully the departure is after a long and healthy life filled with family, friends and memories. Even though death is a part of life, it can be a shock. Taking into account your own mortality is a difficult prospect. Perhaps it is easier to make the preparations for your own demise as opposed to the pain of burying a friend or loved one.

Funerals can be difficult and sad times. Though it is instinctual and we all realize our time is finite, the sadness of saying goodbye is not something people look forward to. Adding to the grief of loss is the monetary burden of paying for the funeral. Sometimes, though difficult, it is best to know what to expect. In this article we will cover some of the common questions that arise when planning a funeral.

What about a funeral versus cremation?

These two terms are really not similar but most people associate them together. A funeral is a gathering to mourn the departed. A cremation is when the body is burned down to ashes and then placed in a special urn. You can have a funeral where the body is cremated. The decision and terminology is actually burying versus cremation.

Burying a loved one is done in a casket and then placed in a cemetery, with or without a tombstone or grave marker. Cremated remains can be placed in a special vault or in some areas, be scattered back to the Earth. This decision is a personal one that is based on how someone views death and/or their religious preferences.

How much does a typical casket cost?

A typical casket can be found for around one thousand dollars. Those caskets are pretty much the average casket found in most funerals. They have the silk lining for the inside and are lead lined as burial guidelines dictate. You can find caskets for as little as $399.00 but the catch is that you have to assemble it yourself. That is what the $399 coffin resembles. It is functional and no frills.

What will my insurance cover?

Many people take out burial insurance along with their life insurance. This is to ensure that a good portion of the funeral costs are covered. How much your insurance will cover depends largely on the amount of policy you took out.

Burial insurance will typically have no restrictions outside of the amount of the policy. Life insurance will only be payable under certain circumstances and cause of death. Most life insurance policies do not cover certain causes of death such as suicide. You need to review your insurance policy to determine how much is paid out and what, if any, stipulations are attached to the policy.

What will a cemetery plot cost?

Cemetery plots vary by location and city. An ocean view is going to cost much more than a plot in the middle of the cemetery. You also have to keep in mind that cremation plots or scattering gardens are generally cheaper than a casket plot. Many families elect to buy several plots that are grouped together.

Buying several plots ensures that you and your loved ones are together in one area and are much more affordable than buying a single plot. You will also need to factor in opening and closing costs for the land transaction along with any additional fees the city or cemetery charges.

What sort of arrangements should I, myself, take in the event of my death?

The first thing you, and anyone, should do is to create a will. The will can handle any material possession or money that you possess. It will also list a person as executor of your affairs. You should make a detailed list of any specific things regarding your funeral and burial.

Along with leaving a written copy, it is very advisable to discuss your wishes with family and friends so that there is no confusion. Be very clear and concise when it comes to your wishes so that there is no strife between family members or friends after you are departed.

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