Funeral Poem to Remember Loved Ones

By Dave Pipitone

Can an inspirational funeral poem help the family and friends of a departed loved one deal with the loss or sudden death of that person?

Mothers and fathers who lose a child; a husband whose wife dies; the death of a parent or grandparent are very sad times. Most people have many questions about what happens to their deceased loved ones after death. Is she free of pain? Is he safe? Will we ever be with them again or see them?

In the Christian religion, the belief in eternal life with God is based on the foundation of living a life united with Jesus Christ. The resurrection of Jesus opened the door to lasting life and destroy death. Although the physical body may die, Christians believe that God will resurrect the person into a new way of living beyond the physical existence on earth. A funeral poem that recalls these truths is comforting during a time of loss.

Funeral services offer a family and friends the chance to gather together in mutual support after the death of a loved one. Often, in the funeral parlor of a funeral home, the remains of a physical body of a loved one is present. Many families choose to use a casket to carry the body of their deceased loved one.

Others choose a direct cremation option. Some Christians desire burial of the ashes, or placement in a mausoleum which honors the physical body and respects that one day it will be made new. Depending on the condition of the departed body, face-to-face mourning during a visitation is a positive step.

Memorial poems written by friends or families can help work through the grieving process. Funeral homes and churches may have stock poems that you can use to remember a deceased loved one. Religious good stores and websites offer comforting funeral memorial poems about life and death, and life after death.

A family funeral can distribute and use these cards as part of the funeral service, as a reminder of the deceased loved one, or a small remembrance area at home.

Having to make funeral arrangements after the death of a loved one is difficult. When you grieve the loss of a loved one, you feel shock, sorrow and pain. The experience is often stressful and overwhelming. All at once, you have many decisions to make. Some of these include contacting family and friends, writing and publishing an obituary, planning the wake, religious services, and burial, and many other particulars.

When the flowers from the funeral are wilted and the services are finished, the real work of the grieving process will begin. During the days that follow the funeral, the support of family, friends, church, and community is helpful.

Sharing, telling and hearing stories of a departed loved one's life are like medicine for the soul. Be sure to mention different times that were funny and touching moments.

Remember special times when you felt very close and connected. Having inspirational memorial poems can bring a smile to a tearful eye.

Death does not end the connection with deceased loved ones; it merely changes how you connect through love, faith and hope. An inspirational funeral poem can help ease the pain of loss and eventually bring joy by remembering there is a connection with your deceased loved ones.

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