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My 3 Strands Eternity Inspirational Print

Price: $2.99 USD Each
180 Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

How do you remember your own loved ones who have passed away? Use this My 3 Strands Eternity Inspirational print to make the days of your family and friends brighter by reminding them that their loved ones are still connected with them in God.

  • Help others imagine a stronger bond with those who have died.
  • Visualize that God's presence is woven with all of your family.
  • Create a positive memory for each deceased loved one.
  • Honor the connection that your friends still have with those who have died.
  • Replace thoughts of despair with positive images of hope.
  • Increase trust, confidence and hope.
  • Experience joy in a hope-filled future.

Print Dimensions: 5 inches wide x 7 inches high.
High photograph quality, matte-finish print.

Poem Text:

A deceased loved one in God's hands
lives the fullness of 3 strands.
Three cords of love, faith and hope
weave a stronger bond than rope:
One lasting love, a braid of three,
God, my deceased ones and me.
May these 3 Strands unite as one
at home with God when time is done.
2006 Dave Pipitone

Price: $2.99 Each (US Dollars)

180 Day Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

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