Sympathy Wording - What to Write

By Dave Pipitone

When you learn that a friend or family member has died, finding the proper sympathy wording to write can be a challenge. What sympathy words can you share when a friend or family member dies? Does sympathy poetry, a sympathy poem help dispel the initial numbness, shock and disbelief over the death of a loved one?

Shock is often the first reactions when we receive a phone call that someone close to us has died. As one who cares, you may feel helpless to control or change the situation. How do you express sympathy wishes that show that you care during this time? Condolence words may can be difficult to find or compose, especially when a death is completely unexpected. if an infant, child or teenager died. Offering sympathy saying words to console another person goes beyond giving flowers or cooking a meal for the family.

Many sympathy cards offer sympathy phrases and sympathy words of hope that the person who has died will be in a better place. Being there for others - just listening and being present, is an unspoken gift that people will appreciate and remember for years.

At a wake or funeral, friends offer sympathy messages to share words of sorrow, empathy and being there for the surviving parents, family member or friend. Condolence words are a bereavement gift that helps lift a person's awareness that you care for them during this time of shock, numbness or disbelief. Offering just to listen and give sympathy words of hope can help take the edge of the anger and help parents and family make it through a dark time.

Dealing with death is difficult. The stark fact of life is that physical death happens to everyone. Mourning, grief and loss are the hardest things in life that many people will experience. For example, a popular scale measures psychological stress from zero to one hundred. The death of a spouse is rated as the most stressful - a measure of one hundred at the top of the stress scale.

Long after the funeral, it is common for a survivor to experience yearning - wanting to see a deceased loved one again. Spouses who have lived together for a long time feel like they have lost a part of themselves when their wife or husband dies. Parents whose children pass away long to see them again. Bereavement poems can provide an assurance that you care for a person during this time.

The process of grieving is very normal after a loved one dies. There is no such thing as a typical death or grieving process.

A religious Christian faith believes in a better life for eternity - a home with a loving God forever. Simple sympathy wording recalls the truth of being at home with deceased children and with God when time is done brings peace of heart and calm of mind to those who are grieving.

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