Funeral Poems for the Deceased: A Simple Way to Pray, Think and Believe When a Loved One Dies...

How to Remember a Loved One and Imagine Him or Her Always Connected With You and God...Starting with Only Two Minutes A Day!

Overcome the Pain of Loss
Use Your Faith, Hope and Love to
-- Get Relief from Grief!

Use Just Two Minutes a Day to Remember Your Deceased Loved One Is Still Connected with You and God

Now, we can't lug a tapestry around with us during the day to help us remember. That is not practical. But we can carry a card that contains a remembrance thought, a poem and a prayer.

Praying the poem for your deceased loved one on this prayer card for as little as two minutes a day can make a positive difference in coping with his or her death. When you change your imagination, your gifts of love, faith and hope come alive in how you relate to your loved one and to God.

Let's look at this poem for deceased loved ones, what it means, and how to use it.

    A deceased loved one in God's hands

    Lives the fullness of 3 strands.

    Three strands of love, faith and hope

    Weave a stronger bond than rope.

    One lasting love, a braid of three

    Formed by God, my deceased loved ones and me.

    May these three strands unite as one

    at home with God when time is done.

            (c) 2006 Dave Pipitone

All three strands unite as one - love, faith and hope - the greatest and lasting of these is love (see Chapter 13 of St. Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians in the Bible.)

There is only one thing to remember: God is on your side; God loves all people and all creation, including you and your departed loved ones. What does it mean that God is on your side? Just look at this list:

  • God believes in you and your loved ones.
  • God builds up the hope for a better future with you.
  • God loves you and your loved ones for all eternity.
  • God wants to create new life in you and your loved ones forever.
  • God wants your life and the life of your departed friends to be a shining beacon of love and hope to others.
  • God wants to be with you and your loved ones every day of your life on earth and in eternity.

So what can you do with this poem-prayer? Carry the card with you. Pray the prayer in the morning when you get up. Turn the card over and name all three people: God, your deceased loved one and you. Remember that he or she is praying with you on the other side. Do the same thing just before you go to bed. You will be amazed at the results.

Connect with Love, Faith and Hope - Your Three Strands.

We have designed My 3 Strands for Eternity Prayer Cards as a resource for you. It is something to buy, just like you would buy a greeting card to give to someone you love who is with you.

Except this resource is a prayer card to greet your loved one who has gone to be in the living room of God's house. By using the prayer cards every day, and praying the poem every day, you connect with the God who loves your loved ones and lives with them.

God will renew your life, too. You will come to know more joy and love that will eventually replace grief and mourning.

If you decide to purchase a prayer card with this poem, here is what you get:

   Durable, laminated, long-lasting plastic prayer cards that won't fold, fade, crease or bend like flimsy coated paper.

   Convenient size, the same size as a credit card or a gift card that you can carry in a pocket, wallet or purse.

   A space on each prayer card to name all three people in your relationship: God, you and your deceased loved one.

   A specific prayer for a lasting relationship to be home with God forever, not some general petition.

   A step-by-step approach to pray together and apart in just one minute at a time, two times a day.

Here is what the prayer card looks like:

Write your deceased loved ones names on the back of the card.

Each prayer card has an easy-to-say poem-prayer that:

Rhymes and recalls your loved one is home with God.

Gives you simple words to pray.

Reminds you of your gifts of love, faith and hope.

Shares a simple understanding of God's love for you.

Gives you confidence that you are connected to with God always.

Believes in the wonderful dream of new life that God gives.

Seven Reasons To Buy and Use These Cards.

1. Imagine a stronger bond with those who have died.

2. Visualize that God's presence is woven with all of your family.

3. Create a positive memory for each deceased loved one.

4. Honor the connection that you still have with those who have died.

5. Replace thoughts of despair with positive images of hope.

6. Increase trust, confidence and hope.

7. Experience joy in a hope-filled future.

With God, you and your deceased loved ones will never be parted, always connected through love, faith and hope. Their life on earth is like a tapestry hanging on the walls in the living room of God's house, that they now admire with God in their new home. A home we call heaven.

Order Today! Each Card is Only $3.00 U.S.D. + $.99 Shipping.

The My 3 Strands Eternity Prayer Card is only $3.00 US dollars, plus $.99 U.S. dollars for shipping and handling in the United States.

Buy now! Simply click on the PayPal Buy Now button and place your order with a credit card using PayPal. You can order more than one card if you want. Buy more cards for your family and friends, too.

As soon as your order is approved, we will rush your Eternity Card by First Class Mail within 7 business days.

Our Guarantee.

Try the My 3 Strands for Eternity Prayer Card for 365 days. Pray the prayer card every day, twice a day. If after one year, you are not satisfied with the value of this package, contact us for a full and complete 100% refund.

Wishing you all the best of God's blessings,

Dave & Cheryl

Dave & Cheryl Pipitone,

P.S. Remember, your deceased loved one is connected with God. Remember your connection every day by using your gifts of love, faith and hope. Go ahead and order one or more prayer cards. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. You have the promise of our 365-Day 100% Money-Back Guarantee. That's a full year to use the prayer card.

P.P.S. You owe it to yourself and your special loved one to own and use these long-lasting, easy-to-use prayer cards. In as little as two minutes a day, you can transform your thinking, experience more joy, peace and love to connect with God and your deceased loved one.

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