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My 3 Strands for Family

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My 3 Strands for Family Members

Congratulations to every Family Member who is making their home a blessing. Belonging to a family is a wonderful commitment to grow together with other people and build a home of love, faith and hope.

Every day invested in sharing time, love and gifts with family members is special; every moment brings a new way to experience God's presence among every family member. Belonging to a family involves much more than eating meals together or enjoying entertainment together.

Belonging to a family sharing good times and difficult times requires a strong commitment and dedication to hoping and believing that everyone will realize the best of life and loving them when the times are tough.

There are many challenges to belonging to a family today. TV shows, movies and newspapers spend more time and attention on what is wrong with a family, rather than what is good and wonderful.

Parents are often pulled in many directions, children are involved in many activities. Families may not spend much quality time together. When families are stressed out, the cost is very high to both the parents, their families and society.

The My 3 Strands for Families cards and prints can help all family members - brothers and sisters, cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles - remember that they share a connection with each other and with God.

We encourage you to read the articles and watch the short videos on families on this website. You owe it to yourselves, your children, family, friends and others to invest in using the My 3 Strands for Family Dedication Cards and Prints.

Remember, you are part of God's family and your family of origin. You are connected to every family member and to God. Together, you can help build a strong, happy, and loving family that lasts your entire life.

We wish every family member all the best they become best friends, mentors and servants to each other for life.

Dave and Cheryl Pipitone

Streamwood, Illinois USA

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