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My 3 Strands for Friends

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My 3 Strands for Friends

Congratulations on having friends and enjoying the friendship of other people.

Enjoying good friends and staying connected in spite of separation and distance is one of life's greatest treasures. Remembering the three strands of love, faith and hope can make every friendship more loving, kind and secure.

Every moment invested in loving your friends by sharing your time, love and gifts with them is special. A friend is like another self - maybe very much like your personality, interests, and hobbies. And friends can be very different from you - and you share a deep bond of feeling safe and happy when you share friendship with each other.

Having lasting friendships requires a strong commitment and dedication to staying connected. There are many challenges to having a lot of lasting friendships today. Sociologists say that most people will have only one or two really good, intimate friendships during their life where they can share their hopes, dreams, feelings and who they are and be accepted. The reality of being lonely and alone can be scary.

Friends are often pulled in many directions and don't often have enough time to grow with each other. Good friendships are like wine - the more they age, the more enjoyable they are.

The My 3 Strands for Friends cards and prints can help all friends remember that they share a connection with each other and with God.

We encourage you to read the articles and watch the short videos on friendship on this website. You owe it to yourselves, your children, family, friends and others to invest in using the My 3 Strands for Friends Dedication Cards and Prints.

Remember, you are friends with God and you are invited to experience more friends and deeper friendships. With you friends, you can help build a strong, happy, and loving friendship that lasts a long, long time.

We wish every friendship that you have to be loving and kind, peaceful and happy.

Dave and Cheryl Pipitone

Streamwood, Illinois USA

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