Christian Marriage and Newlyweds: Part Two

By Dave Pipitone

As newlyweds, you are beginning a lifelong journey to become each other's best friend. In a Christian marriage, you have every good possibility to make that happen. But first, recognize you will have challenges. You are living in a current society where marriages don't always work. Negative Thoughts Cause Unhappy Marriages Modern day data are revealing: 40-to-50 % of marriages fail; domestic violence is more widespread than earlier generations. Family life is challenged by depression, substance abuse and disrespect. Violent crimes, strife and social worry are in the morning headlines and in the nightly news. Many well-known psychologists have devoted their careers to studying what devastates marriages, families, friendships and communities. One simple truth is the impact of what is going on in the environment. Repeated words that criticize, condemn, and minimize others have caused the decline of happiness in relationships. Remember, words are just thoughts with vocal chords. Change the thinking and change the words. Change the words and actions change. By choosing your thoughts carefully, your Christian marriage can be very positive, fulfilling and long-lasting. Positively Choose Your Thoughts Do you want more love, joy and happiness in your marriage? Think positive thoughts and hold wholesome thoughts. A study of many strong marriages shows that in those relationships survive arguments respect, trust and confidence in one another are present. Positive relationships have a common rooting in a positive belief: that God is present and involved with people. What would a Christian marriage be like if every husband and every wife remembered that God is directly involved in his or her relationship? In the Bible, God is compared to that third strand in a three-ply cord. Every relationship involves you, the other person and God. If you add them all up, all of those relationships add up to a tapestry of three-ply relationships. By visualizing that God's presence is tightly woven into the tapestry of life, it is much easier to make kinder and lasting friendships. The Rest of the Story In Part One, I promised to to tell you about how I have been able to cherish my wife for more than 25 years? The secret I learned is to remember my wife in a very positive way, especially when we are not together. During our engagement, we visited a card store and found pocket cards with each other's name on it. My wife's name is Cheryl. He name comes from Latin and means "Filled with beauty and grace." I bought that card and carried it my wallet for the last 25 years. Whenever I read that card and look at her picture, I remember what a lucky husband I am to have her as my wife. The practice of using a Dedication Card has been a blessing to our marriage. It has helped me change my thinking to create positive and loving thoughts full of beauty and grace. Success coaches recommend the practice of writing out a goal on a card, carry it with you, and look at it often. By doing this, you can literally create form brain cells. With spaced and constant repetition, you produce a new way of thinking. Like the neuroscientists have discovered, your positive thoughts create "autopilot thinking" prompting you to make positive decisions about your marriage. You Can Weave Love into the Tapestry of Your Marriage I encourage you to apply this technique by purchasing and using the 3-ply cord Dedication Card found on this website. . Simply write out all three strands: God's name, the names of your loved ones and your name on it. Write down a couple of sentences that affirm your spouse and you. Then, relax and imagine the best possible times you can have with each other. Improve your marriage by taking action on the ideas you receive. As newlyweds, the tapestry that you weave with this practice will brings beauty, love and peace to your life, your home and your family.

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