Parenting Teens with Love, Faith and Hope

By Dave Pipitone

Modern television broadcasts countless sitcoms detailing the lives around parenting teenagers. More often than not, thes shows are comedies that keep everyone laughing while the fictional parents go insane by trying to deal with hormonal teens gripped in the throes of another melodramatic situation.

It is all fun and games until they turn to the side and realize they have "one of them" sitting right there. That is when a parent needs the three strands of love, faith and hope.

Being the parent of a teenager is a lot different than having an elementary aged child, toddler or an infant. There are a different set of problems that are very age specific that each parent must eventually face. There is no avoiding it; countless parents have wished it could be so.

Parenting teenagers and small children all have one basic commonality. Both require a set of rules and limitations. Talking with other parents of young adults can help learn what has worked and what has not.

When parenting teens, moms and dads can be effective by using faith, hope and love. Faith realizes that although necessary, painful changes are taking place, teens will get through the time of change and become servant leaders who will make a positive difference through their lives. Hope envisions that the growing process will result in new and better life for teens parents and family members. Love gives parents the power to show care and concern even when it is hard to do so.

One example of a big difference is that children will not be dealing with issues such as dating and curfews. Laws in most cities have a weekday curfew and a weekend curfew for people beneath the age of eighteen.

This is to provide a structure to protect children. It is these guidelines that parents seek to undertake as well. Parenting classes and magazines advise that most teens seek rules even if they do not outwardly show it. Giving them a strict curfew and letting them know what is okay and what is wrong is a way to guide them in choices they must make.

Loving teens goes beyond expressing physical affection. Any parent of a teen can attest that expressing physical affection is a hit and miss situation. Teens want their own freedom and can be very self conscious when their friends are watching if a parent wants to hug or kiss them. It is nothing personal. It is just a phase and it will pass. The important thing is to let them know that they are loved regardless of their actions.

Parenting help exists for those couples or guardians who are having difficulty parenting teenagers. Many schools offer counseling or can recommend a psychologist if there is problems or emotional difficulties. No teenager is beyond help and this is a fact that all experts agree on. Prayer and connecting with God provides peace of mind and gives the courage to stand for the family values.

Parenting teenagers is a fine line between leniency and strictness. That is where the strands of love, faith and hope come in. Teens should be raised to be respectful and know what the rules are. They are also entitled to a loving atmosphere where they can find support and care.

It is not about pampering or caving into their demands. After all, they are not adults and do not have the experience to guide them in their decision making skills. That is what a parent is for. Love, faith and hope will help you make the difference so that your teenager have a positive experience of your parenting and family roles.

Parenting teens offers the grace to connect with God and teenagers by using a My 3 Strands Parents Dedication Card set to recall the gifts of love, faith and hope.

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