Articles for Moms and Dads

Christian Parenting Relies on Virtues

Parents of Teenagers: Use Love, Faith and Hope

Connecting an Unborn Baby and Three Strands

How Moms Can Overcome Separation Anxiety

Being an Effective Parent

Bad Parents or Effective Parenting?

Good Parents vs. Bad Parents: What is the Difference?

Parenting Teens with Love, Faith and Hope

Moms and Dads Products

Review these My 3 Strands products to encourage moms and dads.

My 3 Strands for Moms Inspirational Print

Every day is Mother's Day. Give a My 3 Strands for Moms print to every mother that you admire. Being a mom is hard work and all mothers need encouragement on a regular basis. Help her to remember the three strands of life still connect her to each child.

My 3 Strands Dedication Cards for Parents

Give these parent dedication cards to moms and dads. Great gift for expecting parents, baptisms, birthdays and anniversaries. Moms and dads write children names on the reverse side of the cards.

Dedication Card for Dads

Help the fathers you know by giving them a My 3 Strands for Dads Dedication Card. A dad carries the card with him to become more aware as parent and improve his relationships with his children.

Dedication Card for Moms

Encourage the moms you know with these dedication cards to help them remember that God is the third partner in relationships with children.

My 3 Strands Inspirational Print for Dads

Every day is Father's Day. Give dad a My 3 Strand Inspirational Print for his office desk. Parenting is hard work and all fathers need encouragement on a regular basis. Help the dads you know remember their connection to their kids and to God.

Prefer to Order by Mail?

You can order any My 3 Strands product by mail. Click here for a PDF order form. Simply fill out the form and enclose your check or money order to order the products you want.

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