Connecting an Unborn Baby and Three Strands

By Dave Pipitone

An unborn baby and three strands are one of life's most precious gifts. A pregnant couple, both mother and father, have a big responsibility to make every child feel wanted and appreciated.

And this noble duty to protect the fragile life of an unborn infant starts before conception. That's right, even before the sperm and egg cell unite in the mom's womb. A baby's right to life starts when parents start thinking about having a child.

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, Ph.D, a noted cellular biologist, what contributes most to a healthy baby is the environment to which the child is exposed. In his ground breaking book, "The Biology of Belief," Dr. Lipton identifies the role of parents as "genetic engineers."

But that doesn't mean contributing just genes, like blue eyes or long fingers. Dr. Lipton suggests that the love and intention of the parents before "mom" has the twinkle in her eye can affect how healthy the baby is.

The conception environment of a mom and dad - their awareness of health and well being -- influence a healthy conception. Scientific research shows a link between the baby's vigor and whether the mom wanted the child, as well as the mood, stability and support of both dad and mom. After a child has been conceived, the fetus develops and is affected by the attitudes of the parents.

An unborn baby is dialed in to the actions, thoughts and feelings of its mother. Since the father's actions, feelings and thoughts affect the mother, he also affects how a baby develops. A baby can absorb chemicals like cortisol from its mother, if there are high levels of fear and anxiety.

Hormones from a mom's stress are carried in the blood that passes through the unborn infant, and change the developing body of the baby. Ultrasound monitoring of a fetus while the parents are having a loud argument show the baby "jumping" in response to loud, harsh words.

A pro-life approach for moms and dads considers the role of three strands of faith, hope and love as a lifeline for the unborn baby's healthy development. Every human being in the mother's uterus is connected by an umbilical cord, a lifeline of oxygen, blood, nutrients, vitamins and everything needed to grow and be healthy.

The umbilical cord consists of three strands - two arteries and a vein, surrounded by Wharton's jelly. Every moment, every minute, hour after hour, day by day for nine months, the life line of the umbilical cord is bringing health and life to the fetus.

In the same way, the three strands of faith, hope and love help both mom and dad bring life on the emotional and spiritual level to the fetus. A mother and father receive the gift of faith from God. Faith in each other, faith that God will be present to them and their unborn infant.

Moms and dads need to use the gift of hope - endurance and perseverance during the long time of pregnancy. Hope that the child will be healthy and grow up to make a positive difference in the world. Finally, when the parents love each other, they pass their love to their child.

By being patient with the discomforts of pregnancy, kind with each other, experiencing the joy of a new life within, trusting that everything is going to be well, moms and dads transmit these three strands of virtue to their unborn baby like a spiritual umbilical cord.

The infant has the chance to become healthy in emotions, mind and body. Parents and the child are connected to God and each other by the life lines of faith, hope and love.

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